Tears Of The Birth Canal During Childbirth?

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Good night … r nI am 23 years old .. r nToday I just gave birth. R nAnd we are a midwife who I believe in … r nJln was born / my vagina was blistered / torn and must be sewn. r nBecause I was traumatized by it. r nSo I did not agree to be sutured .. r nIs this dangerous, doctor .. r nAnd when I peed I felt very painful on the top of my vagina. . r nPlease the doctor’s solution

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Hello, good evening, Mother ..

Tearing wounds in the birth canal during childbirth are common, especially in the delivery of the first child, where the vaginal muscles are very inflexible (not flexible). In certain conditions, these tearing wounds are sometimes deliberately made to facilitate the labor process which is often hampered by a stiff birth canal. This birth canal tear has several levels, grade one is a very mild level, which is a tear in the skin layer of the vagina and is small and can heal without stitches. The second level, namely the tear not only occurs in the vaginal skin but also in the perineal muscle (which connects the vagina and anus), at this level suturing is usually required. The third and fourth levels are heavier, i.e. the muscles are torn deeper and require stitches.

So, whether or not the birth canal tear you are experiencing is sutured depending on the degree of the tear, and the one who knows the degree of the tear is the midwife or doctor who examines you directly. We cannot say for sure whether your condition is dangerous or not, because we do not do a direct examination and do not know the degree of your tear. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not delay in consulting and having a check with your midwife or doctor to find out how severe the wound you are experiencing and whether suturing is necessary. If the actual birth canal wound needs to be sutured but is not sutured, it will take longer to heal and the risk of infection will be greater. Pain and soreness when urinating that you experience can occur due to a wound in the birth canal that is still open with urine / urine.

While waiting to see a midwife or doctor, here are some suggestions that we can give:

keep your body clean by bathing twice a day, not using tight and moist pants, always clean the pubic area after BAK and BAB, and dry with a dry tissue or dry clean towel watch out for signs of postpartum torn wound infection: pain that gets worse in the area tearing, high fever, foul-smelling or dirty vaginal discharge, lower abdominal pain. If these signs occur, immediately consult a doctor or the Emergency Room

So, hopefully it can be understood

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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