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, my friends have used skin care, even though we are 14 years old, I also want to use it but I’m afraid, according to what skin care doctor is suitable? thanks

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The use of skin care products is needed to help treat skin, keep skin clean and maintain skin moisture. The choice of skin care products can vary from person to person depending on the type of skin each.

Good products are hypoallergenic or that have a lower tendency to cause allergies or irritations, ie

Does not contain alcohol Has a pH balance Does not contain coloring agents Does not contain perfume substances Generally products for babies are relatively safer to use. Also that can help maintain healthy skin:

Consume lots of water Avoid spicy, oily foods Increase fiber intake such as fruits and vegetables Avoid touching your face before washing your hands Avoid dust, pollution, cigarette smoke Manage stress Sleep and rest enough But it helps you consult with a dermatologist to help you determine the best product for you according to your skin type

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