Teeth Ache After Wearing The Teeth Trainer?

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My doctor wanted to ask, I just bought a teeth trainer now, my teeth started aching after I used it for a day, was that the initial symptom or not ?? I am now 14 years old.

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Hello Yada

Nowadays, there are a lot of teeth trainers that are sold online at very cheap prices (tens of thousands), even though plastic retainer made from custom materials made by dentists can cost> 500 thousand rupiah. Teeth trainers that are sold are generally made of plastic, some are flexible, and are stiffer with the same size or are not adjusted to the shape of the teeth and jaws of the patient. Manufacturers claim that the device can move and change the position of the teeth to neatly adjust the tooth mold.

The fact is that the use of teeth trainer cannot be used for all cases of dental position abnormalities. In the case of teeth that are piled with minimal gum space / jaw, this teeth trainer cannot push the teeth in because there is no space in the teeth. Even in some cases the teeth trainer does not get all parts of the patient's teeth into it because of the fixed size. Shifting teeth will certainly cause minimal pain and swelling in the gums, this is also felt by patients who use braces. But in the teeth trainer with cases of piling teeth, because there is no tooth space, the result can only arise pain, especially for chewing, swollen gums, even teeth that shake even though the teeth do not shift.

Teeth trainer is used minimally during sleepless nights. Actually it is useful to reduce complaints bruxism (abnormalities of teeth rattling during sleep) when using teeth trainers. However, it must be considered the type of teeth trainer used, whether the material is safe for use in the mouth. However, in the case of shifting teeth so that their position is good, dental care needs to be adjusted or adjusted to the condition of the patient's teeth. Certain tooth movements must be arranged so that the position between the teeth is good, the function of closing and chewing is good, does not cause deformity of the jaw, and also does not cause damage to the teeth.

For further consultation regarding improving the position of the teeth you should visit a dentist who is an expert in the orthodontics department. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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