Teeth Appear On The Back?

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hello nI am a goddess, I am 23 years old n several days behind my lower canine teeth appeared a small tooth nthat “why huh? nand will it enlarge later and what is the solution? n nthank you

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Hi Goddess,

Normally, at the age of 23 years, canines have grown permanently. If you experience extra dentition than normal, it is called Hyperdontia.

This hyperdontia, if it consists of only one extra tooth, is still common. However, if many appear, it could be related to certain diseases, genetics or syndromes.

Usually, these extra teeth will grow the same as normal teeth, of course, will get bigger over time. You can consult a dentist for further examination and treatment.

Generally, this hyperdontia does not require significant treatment. However, if it interferes with chewing, disturbs aesthetically, the teeth are then difficult to clean, then you can consult a doctor to see whether or not they should be extracted.

Thus, hope it can help you.

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