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My teeth are rolling over the left side of the bag. In my opinion, the right side of the growth of the teeth is slightly advanced. If I want to tidy it up, can I install half the stirrup? Only the right side of the gingsul growth

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One of the goals of installing braces / braces is indeed as you mentioned, abnormal tooth growth where the teeth grow pile up or the distance between the teeth is too tenuous. In addition, braces are also used to correct the position of the upper and lower jaw which is not anatomical (too forward / too backward).

Dental braces are usually preceded by an examination of the teeth and oral cavity by an Orthodontist or General Dentist who has certified braces. The doctor will order a dental X-ray and may assess the structure of the teeth and jaw by making a special dental mold.

Types of braces vary, there are permanent braces, removable, functional braces, retainers and headgear. The type of braces use is adjusted to the condition of your teeth and teeth which will be evaluated by direct examination by the dentist.

You also need to know, there are risks related to the installation of braces such as cavities, gum disease, white stains on teeth. The risk of using braces can be controlled if you have regular and regular consultations with the Dentist who performs your braces.

Read here about Braces.

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