Teeth Are Not Neat After The Use Of Braces?

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I want to ask, I have 1 year and 1 month wearing braces, but in the 6th month my dentist said that my teeth had to be extracted because there was no space for my teeth to retreat, but the doctor only pulled the bottom and the top 4 months later I just pulled out because my doctor forgot, and now that my upper teeth have been removed, my right upper tooth has no movement after 2 months but the left one wants, after investigation it turns out that my upper and lower teeth hit each other so I don’t want to back down and I I was advised to often, I was actually disappointed because if the doctor did not forget to pull out my upper and lower teeth at the same time my teeth would not be like this, could you please help for the solution, because I was tortured if I had to do it, what I have to do it so my right upper and lower teeth don’t crash so my right upper teeth can go back and tidy, please advise and help, thanks

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Braces are generally used for approximately 2 years to get maximum results. Improvements to the composition of the teeth do usually occur slowly (they will not immediately see results).

If indeed you are not satisfied with the health services provided by your dentist at this time, you can still ask for a second opinion or continuation of braces from other dentists. If at this time you are doing treatment not at the dentist (currently many dentists claim to be dentists and do dental braces as well), you should immediately consult the condition of your teeth to the dentist. You can also look for dentists who specialize in the orthodontist section that is specialized in dealing with poor dental structure problems (including malocclusions in the upper and lower teeth or teeth that cover imperfectly).

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