Teething 2 Newborns?

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Good afternoon, I just gave birth to my child on November 29th. My child was born directly under teething 2 below, is this dangerous? The problem is when I want to give breast milk he likes to refuse is this reasonable? R nPlease help

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Hello Florence, thank you for the question to HealthReplies.com

In general, the first teeth will grow at around 4-7 months, although it is not impossible the first teeth can grow less or more than that age range. In very rare cases (around 1 in 2000 births), babies can be born with teeth that have already grown. This condition is called natal teeth. Some factors that increase the risk of a baby being born with teeth are a family history of similar conditions and malnutrition in pregnancy. Some genetic diseases can also cause this.

In most cases, these Christmas teeth are harmless and do not require specific interventions. However, if you notice that the tooth is shaking, there are other abnormalities in the baby's mouth (such as a cleft lip or hole in the baby's palate), or if there is a disorder to drink milk, then you should immediately take your child to the pediatrician to receive further evaluation and management.

There are many reasons babies refuse to drink breast milk. Some of them are:

the baby cannot attach properly
Breast milk comes out too heavy (so the baby often chokes) or comes out only a little (so the baby is frustrated when sucking breast milk)
infants experience nipple confusion (for example due to being given a bottle of milk from birth or using a pacifier / pacifier)
the nipple is flat or goes inside
there is a disturbance in the baby's mouth (eg fungal infections, canker sores, lip / tongue tie)
and much more

You should try to see a pediatrician first to check the condition of your child's teeth. Pediatricians can also help analyze the problem of your child who does not want to drink breast milk. If necessary, the doctor can refer you to consult with a lactation consultant for a more comprehensive evaluation.

The following are some things you can try to do:

Offer breast milk before the baby feels really hungry
Try different breastfeeding positions

Try breastfeeding while holding a baby
Teach the correct latches on the baby
Make sure you try breastfeeding before giving formula milk or milk from a bottle (you should use a cup feeder if the baby does not want to suckle directly)
Do not force to attach the baby's head to the breast if the baby refuses, if the baby releases one breast, try giving another breast and so on.
Give more time for skin to skin contact (skin to skin contact) to make the baby feel comfortable near the mother's breast, take off your mother's clothes and baby clothes when trying to breastfeed

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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