Teething Backwards?

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I want to ask, if the backing teeth can be leveled by patching the front?

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Hello M Daffa,

Gangsul teeth are teeth that grow out of place in the correct gum. Gingsul is a form of dental malocclusion. Gingsul is caused because the area in the jaw is too narrow, there is no gap for teething, teeth that grow too large. Teeth can cause several problems as follows:

Difficulty cleaning the area behind the dentures Injuring the inside of the lips Discomfort when talking or chewing Inhibiting the growth of other teeth and so on. Teeth teeth are handled by pulling the teeth or teeth that block the growth of the teeth and then flatten them using stirrups. Patching is done on the teeth, usually for cavities or decomposed teeth. Handling that is suitable for the condition of your teeth is usually dependent on the condition of your teeth and jaw based on the results of the examination by a dentist. So, you should check the condition of your teeth and mouth further with the dentist. Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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