Teething Of Molars In Adolescents?

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In the past, my molar teeth hurt so much to the point that my head was brittle. At that time I was 11-13 years old, so at that time I just left it until I was 14 years old and my teeth were brittle black and I rocked and dislodged. Is that a baby tooth? And does the tooth ache only on permanent teeth or milk teeth can hurt like permanent teeth? Please do answer.

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Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com. I am dr. Princess Claudya will answer your questions.

There are 2 phases of tooth growth, namely baby teeth and permanent / adult teeth.

There are 3 types of molars, namely, from front to back, molars 1, 2 molars, and 3 molars, respectively, which fill the upper, lower, right and left sides of the jaw.

First molars appear at 12-16 months of age, and date at 9-10 years of age. Subsequently replaced with permanent teeth 2 molars appear at the age of 24-32 months, and date at the age of 10-11 years. Same as 1st molars, then replaced with permanent teeth 3rd molars do not have a milk tooth phase, but only once grew as permanent teeth in the 17-24 year age range. the date when it is the milk tooth 1 or 2 molars.

Tooth pain, can be caused by several things. Both baby teeth and permanent teeth have a nervous system, so that if something happens, such as loss, or loss, it will be painful.

The causes of tooth and gum pain consist of the following conditions:

Tooth decay (caries): Tooth decay can cause pain due to stimulation of the exposed tooth nerves. Teeth that push against other teeth, for example the case of impacted teeth. Gum pain in the area of ​​loose teeth. porous or post-extraction infection. Gum ulcers / canker sores. If you still feel pain in your teeth / gums at this time, it's a good idea to consult your dentist further for immediate examination. The doctor will dig further into the course of your illness and will carry out an examination of the teeth and mouth. If necessary, a dental x-ray will be done to find out the exact condition and cause of your complaint. And after that the doctor will provide treatment for you according to the underlying condition.

Some things you can do at home to reduce pain in your teeth and gums while maintaining oral health are:

Brush your teeth after eating and before bed. Use dental floss to clean the remains of plaque between your teeth. Gargle with antiseptic mouthwash. Consume enough water, which is about 2 liters a day. Avoid smoking, alcohol, and foods that contain high sugar levels because they can damage teeth and gums. You can still feel it, you can take over-the-counter pain medication such as paracetamol to relieve pain complaints and compress the cheek on the side of the tooth that hurts with a cold compress. This is my explanation. Hopefully helpful and useful. Get well soon :)


dr. Princess Claudya

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