Telogen Hair

Illustration of Telogen Hair
Illustration: Telogen Hair

My hair is itchy from 2-3 months ago. And often pulling hair to the bottom, and I found a clear white at the tip of the root of the hair, I once searched on the internet, he said it was ‘telogen’ hair. After pulling out the ‘telogen’ hair, the itching decreases. However, due to frequent itching, and pulling out my hair, my hair became pale. Every time I use shampoo, it also keeps itching, even though my hair is clean, there is no dirt / dandruff. Then, how to overcome it? If you have to see a doctor, general practitioner, health center, or directly a dermatologist?

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Hello Siti,

Thank you for the question.

Telogen is a term for the resting phase in the human hair growth cycle, which occurs after the catagen phase (when hair is in a transition between active growth and rest) and before the exogenous phase (when the hair is detached from the hair follicles). So, it is not right to mention the clear white part at the end of the hair as telogen. In fact, this clear white part is a follicle (hair root) itself.

The presence of follicles should not necessarily not make your scalp itch. Therefore, even pulling it should not make it itch and disappear. In fact, the habit of pulling excessive hair down to the roots can make you experience baldness (humps). If this habit is very difficult to break, or makes you feel excessive anxiety when you no longer do it, it could be referring to a psychiatric disorder (trichotillomania). In addition, the itching you feel can be caused by other factors, for example seborrheic dermatitis, fungal infections on the scalp, other microorganism infections, xeroderma, autoimmune disorders, atopic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, hair lice, insect bites, allergies, excessive sweating , psoriasis, hormonal disorders, excessive anxiety, delusional disorders, and so on.

Conditions like the one you are experiencing are not emergency. Therefore, during a pandemic like this, the examination to the doctor should also be postponed first. In particular, your risk of contracting a dangerous disease, such as COVID-19, will be greater if you rush to see a doctor. Instead, you can do it first:

 Stop your habit of pulling hair. If the desire arises to pull out hair, switch it to do other productive activities. Don't over-scratch the scalp, even if itchy. Use a special anti-loss shampoo, and wash your hair and scalp once every 1-2 days. Do not carelessly exchange head coverings and towels with others. Eat a variety of nutritious foods, especially those containing lots of zinc, substances iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, and other nutritional values ​​Drink plenty too Don't stress too much Don't carelessly take hair growth medicine without a doctor's advice Next, if after a long time your complaints don't get better, our advice, after the outbreak of COVID- 19 this subsides, you check yourself to a doctor or dermatologist to be given appropriate treatment huh ..

I hope this helps/

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