Tension Headaches And Using Analgesic Drugs?

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, I am a woman aged 20 years, already 3 years old I suffer from tension headaches that have the effect of nausea and to vomiting. nIf I use cellphone for too long and I see infocus light too long, my headaches always recur. r n Initially using warung drugs but over time it didn’t work anymore, finally I was given analsic medicine and eye vitamins with my doctor, I drank regularly and was discharged and recovered. r nTp after 3 months my headache recurred again, but I had not treated with the same doctor again because my domicile had moved away from the doctor. r n Until now I did not find a drug that was suitable for me, r nDo you guess what kind of analsic drug that I can buy at the pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription? r nBecause I have been treated at a different doctor 5 times, the medicine did not react at all. And now to relieve the pain I was forced to sleep alone. Please help, waiting for a reply

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Hello Nadiya,

A tension headache is a headache that feels like the head is tied tightly or tightly. When relapse can also be accompanied by a sense of sensitivity to light, sensitive to noise, muscle aches, restlessness, disturbed concentration, and disturbed sleep.

Tension headaches have similar symptoms to several other conditions such as migraines (migraines are usually affected by physical activity), cluster headaches, neuralgia, and headaches secondary to other diseases (such as high blood pressure, head injuries, to tumors and brain cancer). If a tension headache is felt more than 15 days / month in 3 consecutive months, the condition is a chronic tension headache.

To prevent recurrence of tension headaches, it's better to avoid the trigger factor. Triggers for tension headaches include stress, lack of sleep, hunger, dehydration, too much sun, certain scents, noise, lack of exercise, consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and smoking.

Analsik contains methampirone and diazepam, this drug works to reduce moderate to severe pain and headaches due to psychological factors and neuralgia. This medicine requires a doctor's prescription and cannot be bought freely. The use of these drugs must also be under the supervision of a doctor. For the time being, you can try doing the following tips first:

Avoid the precipitating factors above
Manage stress well
Get enough rest
Try not to stay up
Eat healthy and nutritious foods and don't eat too late
Drink 2-3 liters of water / day
Regular exercise according to the body's ability 3-4x / week
Try to reduce the habit of taking pain medication without doctor's advice
Cold or warm compresses on the back of the head
Use a comfortable pillow
Avoid cigarette smoke, caffeine, and alcohol

Try to note the number of times you have a headache recurrence in a month, if you recur more than 15x / month in 3 consecutive months, I suggest that you consult a neurologist so that further tests can be done to determine the cause of the headache if there are other factors or not. If needed the doctor can do additional tests with blood tests, CT scans, and MRI. Furthermore, after knowing your condition, the doctor can provide more optimal treatment for you, both with medication and counseling if needed.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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