Tension Of Pregnant Women 134/80 MmHg, Is It Normal?

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Mmm, sorry I want to ask my blood pressure this morning 134/80 normal or high for pregnant women … because today I am very sick at the top of my head … because of what tension because I lack of sleep huh … because lately I’m having a hard time how much sleep mlm

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Hello Anie,

Thank you for the question.

Based on the latest consensus, optimal blood pressure in adults is no more than 120/80 mmHg. However, you are only said to have high blood pressure (hypertension) if your blood pressure reaches 140/80 mmHg or more. So, your blood pressure is only included in the pre-hypertensive condition. This condition should be confirmed by re-examination, at least 2 times, in a different atmosphere (at rest and after activities). That way, it can be concluded, is it true that your blood pressure is high, or because of the effect of lack of sleep. Hypertension in pregnancy deserves special attention because of the risk of causing impaired fetal development.

Headaches in pregnant women, in addition to hypertension, can also be caused by other factors, such as lack of sleep, sinusitis, migraines, tension headaches, nerve pain, viral or bacterial infections, head injuries, cluster headaches, asthenopia, tumors brain, cerebral aneurysm, and so on.

If indeed the headache is very disturbing, even to the point of complicating your sleep, it is better to immediately consult a doctor or obstetrician. That way, the doctor can certainly give you treatment that is also safe for the fetus in your womb. In the meantime, so that blood pressure is not high and your headaches improve, try doing:

Sleep early and regularly
Condition your bedroom to be comfortable, not glare, not noisy, and not too cold / hot
Don't overeat near bedtime
Expand eat vegetables, fruits, and whole grains
Get enough exercise, according to your doctor's advice
Limit your intake of foods high in salt
Don't over-consume kafen, if necessary, avoid it altogether
Not too much to use gadgets
Don't smoke, stay away from alcohol
Make your mind more calm, don't worry or stress excessively
Periodically control pregnancy to the obstetrician

Hope this helps ...

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