Test Results Are Positive After BO Whether Pregnant?

good afternoon, I would like to ask about my pregnancy problem, I am 24 years old, I am still married and given the confidence to get pregnant, and in the 3 months my fetus has not developed it can be said BO, and performed KUret on 29 May 2019, after that I the consul for the plan to get pregnant again but my closest spog doctor suggested that heid first, but in June I was not heid and I fad doing a test on July 5 but positive, and on the 9th of July I came out heid I thought I was really heid, and blood kel much in the form of lumps I think also cleansing the uterus and not unusual I heid prolonged the term up to 13 days, after that this August I was late heid usually 9 August must be heid but I did not heid and I checked positive again, for 2 weeks after positive I came out blood again, clear red liquid but not accompanied by a clot, I lqsung consul to my nearest midwife at the age of my fetal sac 6 roads 7 weeks, falling like at the time of July 5, it was true that I was pregnant, but now I was only given fetal boosters, and the fetus had not been detected on ultrasound, according to the doctor, what should I do about asking for a solution please help me really want to have children. thank you

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Hello Resa,

We understand your concern. BO / blighted ovum is an "empty" pregnancy condition where there are sacs of pregnancy but without a fetus. BO pregnancy is handled either by termination with curette or with drugs. Some pregnant women also choose to wait until a miscarriage occurs naturally (BO pregnancy will be stopped by the body itself and bleeding to miscarriage, but still need additional treatment if the uterus is not "clean").

After experiencing BO, doctors generally recommend to postpone pregnancy for 3 months or 3 times the menstrual cycle, this is to provide an opportunity for the body to be better prepared and provide an opportunity for the uterus to fully recover.

But if before 3 months you are pregnant, you do not need to worry first. The best step you can do at this time is to consult your obstetrician again so that you can do an ultrasound again to detect certain signs of pregnancy, in the form of a fetal heart rate or fetal movement.

If on your first ultrasound fetal sac is estimated to be 6-7 weeks, you can try a repeat ultrasound 1 or 2 weeks after the first ultrasound to see its development. At 6-7 weeks gestation is normal if there is only a fetal sac. It is expected that on the next ultrasound the fetus will begin to appear.

For now, you can take drugs or supplements if there is according to the recommended dosage. Try to keep you thinking positive, get enough rest, meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women, and keep praying. Next 1-2 weeks, you can control with your obstetrician to see the progress of your pregnancy.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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