Test Results For Spinal X-rays

Illustration of Test Results For Spinal X-rays
Illustration: Test Results For Spinal X-rays

Doc, I just got the results of a lumbosacral MRI examination with the following results … On the sagittal curve, the lumbosacral curve shows normal lordosis, no listhesis. Intact corpus vertebrae form, no visible appearance of compression fracture. Bone signal intensity is within normal limits, not suspicious of destructive lesions. There is no clear osteophyte. Intervertebral pisum L4-5 and L5-S1 narrow, visible signs of degenerative discs on L4-5 and L5-S1 exhibits. Light bulging discs accompanied by posterocentral HNP heavy enough L4-5 that pushes the thecal sac from the direction anteriorly, causing mild canal stenosis at this level. Posterocentral – the right neutral HNP which is quite heavy L5-S1 which forces the thecal sac from the right anterior direction. Right-left L4-5 neuralic analysis and right L5-S1 appear narrowed. Intrathecal does not appear abnormal. A spinal cord that looks good. Conus medullaris as high as L1-2. My question is whether such conditions include mild or severe and require surgery, ??? Thanks before the dock,

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 From the MRI results it is known that there is a nucleus pulposus hernia (HNP) or a pinched nerve in the spine at waist level (L4-5 and L5-S1). HNP is a condition when a cushion or disc between the vertebrates (spine) comes out of its original position and pinches the nerves that are behind it. Patients with HNP lumbar region will experience nerve disorders, including sensory and motoric nerves as well as autonomous from the affected lumbar region.
 Based on the MRI results, it is said that the degree of pinched nerve that occurs is quite heavy. The decision whether to require surgery or not depends on the patient's own clinical, other than based on the results of the MRI. Clinical patients are obtained based on medical interviews and direct physical examination by a doctor. For that, go back to consult with the treating doctor. Because he was the one who knew whether surgery was needed in this case.
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