Testes Are Not Palpable In 3-year-old Children?

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Good night, my child is 3 years old, I see, the scrotum is hovering, tends to be flat, very small gt as if there are no testes. I try to grasp the bumps, but I don’t feel sure because it’s hard to steal the chance to make sure. My question1. What are the characteristics of easy checking for undescended testes. 2. Is it dangerous if you’ve been discovered 3 years old3. Hospital procedures, a newborn child will definitely check his condition, but my child escapes ,, is there maybe another similar disorder? Remembering as I recall, the testicles often clung when my child was sick (fever for example). Please advise, thank you.

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Thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.
Testes not palpable in the scrotum or testicles show an undescended testicle (occurring in one or both testicles), where the testis is still in the abdominal cavity, is still in the groin area, or the upper part of the testicular sac. Under certain conditions, such as the testicle refractile, the position of the testis can be in the testicle pouch, but when there is excessive muscle contraction or excessive reflex cremaster, it can pull the testis at the top of the testicle sac or in the inguinal. However, in the refractile testicle, the testicles can return to position in the testicle sac.
In children, especially in obese children, the fat above the pubis is usually thick enough to give the impression that the testicle sac looks small, so that the testis is not palpable in the testicular sac.
In other conditions, such as when temperatures are cold or when bathing, the scrotum sometimes contracts so that it appears contracted which can give the impression that the testicles are not in the testicle sac.
Therefore, direct consultation with a pediatrician or urologist can help determine the position of the testes in patients in their proper position or not. The doctor can plan several examinations that can support testicular position information, either by manual palpation, warm compresses, valsavah techniques or straining. If necessary, the doctor can perform an ultrasound examination, CT scan, or laparoscopic examination, depending on the doctor's approach to each case.
Regarding your question,

1. to ensure that there is a possibility that your child's testicles are in their proper position or are in the testicular sac, you need to pay attention to several conditions, such as
a. by discussing with your husband to do the examination independently
b. do the examination when the scrotum is not constricted
c. checks carried out after bathing will cause biased results, because the scrotum will shrink
d. choose a warm ambient temperature or by compressing warm on the scrotum which will help loosen the testicular sac

If the scrotum is loose and you get both testicles in place, then there is probably no abnormality in your child's testes.

2. In the case of undescended testicle, as far as possible before the child is 1 year old or in the first year, this condition can be handled properly, The risk of late treatment, can cause disruption of sperm production or cause infertility, especially if it occurs in both testicles. Complications of the risk of cancer, hernias, and testicular collapse.

3. at this time what you are conveying is a concern that may occur, because from you see a small and flat testicular sac. Therefore, if you say that when your child has a fever, the testicles appear to be clinging, then in general, the condition of your child's testes is normal, especially the results of hospital examinations after birth. Testicles that appear small and flat may be caused by obesity or fat in the accumulated pubis.

Therefore, if you feel this condition makes you anxious and worried, or the results of an independent examination that you do with your husband are still in doubt, then you should consult directly with your pediatrician or urologist as described above. The results of the examination will be a reference for treatment and handling if found any negligence in the proper location of the testes.
Thus the info we can convey.

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