Testpack Examination Results?

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I want to ask. This morning I tried a pregnancy test using a testpack but the results that appear there are 3 red lines. the first one is thick red and the other one is very thin and there is one more line d near the writing of max .. what should I do ?? Please explain.

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Test pack is a simple medical tool that is used to help determine pregnancy through body fluids in the form of urine. The way this tool works is by measuring the levels of the beta hcg hormone produced by a woman's body during pregnancy.

Each tool has a slightly different threshold to be detected and bring up a red line as a marker. Each tool has the shape and position of a marker or marker lines that can be lost depending on each manufacturer. The lines in the test pack are generally in the form of a line marking the maximum limit of the immersion of the tool in the urine, the control line or tool reference, and the result line. Maximum boundary lines and control lines will always appear regardless of the results that can be both positive and negative.

The thing to note is the result line that indicates the results of your inspection, to find out you should read the instructions for use and the information contained on the packaging of your device to avoid misinformation related to differences in how to read from each tool

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