Testpack Results Change And Blood Spots Appear?

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Like this, I got married about 3 months ago in the middle of the 12th month, I made that last relationship on January 3, 2020, I always hindered on the 15th, when I arrived in February I didn’t get in the way, I testpack line two, and in March I hitched out bloodstains, then when tested negative, what was the response?

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Hello Princess,

Thank you for the question.

It should be understood beforehand, that the testpack alone can not be sure whether you are pregnant or not. Because, the results of this testpack can vary its accuracy, depending on the sensitivity of the testpack, the accuracy of your testpack, when you do the testpack, the cleanliness of the urine sample used during the testpack, and many other factors. So, a positive testpack does not always indicate that you are pregnant, but it could also be because the testpack dipping time is too long, the time to read the testpack is late, the urine is contaminated with drugs or bacteria, pregnant ectopic, grapes pregnant, and so on. Conversely, a negative testpack result doesn't always mean that you are not pregnant.

If it turns out to be true that you are pregnant, then the spots that you experience can occur due to natural implantation spots or it could be due to the threat of miscarriage. However, if it turns out you are not pregnant, then these spots can be part of a regular menstruation that is late because of hormonal disorders, stress, unhealthy lifestyles, the influence of drugs or birth control, ovarian cysts, and many other triggers.

To be clear, you need to confirm the results of this testpack by checking directly to your doctor or obstetrician. Usually, the results of a testpack can be confirmed with a blood test, ultrasound, or maybe other supporting tests so that the right treatment can be determined.

In the meantime, so that the spots do not recur, you should rest more, do not have sex that involves vaginal penetration while still out of blood, do not carelessly take medicine without doctor's advice, and discipline to live a healthy lifestyle in your daily life.

Hope this helps ...

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