The Abdomen Below The Belly Button Feels Uncomfortable Whether Pregnant?

Illustration of The Abdomen Below The Belly Button Feels Uncomfortable Whether Pregnant?
Illustration: The Abdomen Below The Belly Button Feels Uncomfortable Whether Pregnant?

, I have been coughing dry and itchy for a week, 2 days ago I had a severe headache until my neck felt like I was going to rest. The breast also has a swollen sore and is rather prominent. Accompanied by belching and flatulence / begah does not heal even after drinking the wind. Every time I wake up or feel sick, I don’t feel sick until I vomit. Now even wearing pants isn’t comfortable because it’s under the navel like something is up. Indeed, on 2/12 I was petting with a partner in the fertile period but still together wearing jeans and tomorrow should be my menstrual schedule. Is it a symptom of menstruation or pregnancy? R n r n Is it natural to have a dry, itchy cough without fever / chills before menstruation? Because I read there is a difference between the usual cough and cough symptoms of pregnancy that are not accompanied by a feverish fever. He said that if I was pregnant my right abdomen was pressed a little, but I used to be like this and was convicted of intestinal inflammation. Please explain doctor. Tks

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hello Nina25,

Fertilization or pregnancy can occur when the egg is fertilized by sperm cells through sexual intercourse or artificial fertilization. If you do petting but ejaculation occurs and sperm fluid has the possibility of accidentally entering the female sex organs, then petting can be at risk of becoming pregnant.

Lower abdominal pain itself can be caused by many possible causes ranging from digestive disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, urinary tract infections, premenstrual syndrome, hormonal disorders, muscle cramps due to coughing and many other possibilities.

A cough without fever alone is not always a sign of pregnancy, but can be caused by various causes such as allergies, respiratory infections, throat irritation, stomach acid disease and other causes. For this reason, several attempts can be made to reduce it by consuming more water, avoid cough triggers such as allergen exposure, use masks, and take cough medicines according to your cough condition.

If in doubt, you can do an initial pregnancy check up with a testpack. Strive to maintain diet, avoid foods that can cause stomach irritation, avoid caffeinated drinks, manage stress well, and consult a doctor if complaints do not improve to find out the cause and given appropriate treatment.

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