The Action For A Big Bump In The Eye?

Illustration of The Action For A Big Bump In The Eye?
Illustration: The Action For A Big Bump In The Eye?

Good night. I’m fierlly 23 years old. Approximately 6 days ago I got a fairly large hordeolum, about almost 1cm in my upper right eye. And it just broke yesterday, but only a little came out. And there arises or maybe a fairly large kalazion, more or less the same as the pda when it hasn’t broken. Will it disappear? If you need a doctor’s action, is it only a minor surgery? Isn’t there another treatment?

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Hi Fierlly,

Thank you for asking

Hordeolum and kalazion are two different conditions.

Hordeolum (nodules) occurs when the glands in the eyelids become inflamed, often due to a bacterial infection of Staphylococcus. This infection is prone to occur if you do not properly maintain the cleanliness of your eye area, for example, often holding eyes without washing tags, inserting contact lenses that are not kept clean, using outdated cosmetics, and so on. This condition often results in reddish nodules, feels pain, and can rupture or collapse on its own without the need for special handling.

In some conditions, inflammation of the eyelid glands can cause a blockage in the gland's outflow. This condition can cause the appearance of nodules in the eyes that are not painful and rarely enlarge, called kalazion.

However, clinically, differentiating kalazion, hordeolum, and several other diseases, such as contact dermatitis, folliculitis, blepharitis, preseptal cellulitis, benign or malignant tumors, and so on so difficult, especially done by people who are unfamiliar about medical. Therefore, before drawing conclusions too early, you should first check your complaints to the doctor or ophthalmologist. With a direct examination, of course the doctor can identify the cause of the nodules and give you the best treatment. If it is true that your condition is caused by kalazion, this condition often resolves on its own without the need for special treatment. However, if deemed necessary, the doctor may also give you several types of drugs or recommend surgery.

At home, so that your complaints improve, try doing the following steps:

Compress the nodules in the eye with a clean towel soaked in warm water, gently tap
Avoid holding eyes with dirty hands
Avoid forced squeeze or careless handling of nodules in the eyes
Not always using cosmetics around the eyes
Be diligent in washing your face with the right cleansing soap

Hope this helps ...

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