The Amniotic Fluid Ruptures At The Age Of 8 Months?

Illustration of The Amniotic Fluid Ruptures At The Age Of 8 Months?
Illustration: The Amniotic Fluid Ruptures At The Age Of 8 Months?

In the morning, doctor, I want to ask, my wife is pregnant at the age of about 8 months. At that time my wife coughed, then in the evening dwmam, then went to the midwife to give cough medicine and fever medicine, for a day in taking the morning medication my wife immediately came out of her water, at night indeed my wife urinates for a distance of five minutes to the bathroom, in the morning water comes out of her vagina, then I take it to the nearest hospital and in the ultrasound, the water in the stomach is still there / enough and then injected with the drug called that name, then we recommend being treated hospitalization, in the afternoon the baby’s heartbeat again reached 163, then injected again using the drug dexa, if not malfunctioning to ripen the fetus’s lungs said the doctor, then until this morning we were still being treated at the hospital, which I want to ask if in surgery, with a baby weighing around 2kg, is that a premature baby category? And what are the effects of de-drug? Is there really no negative impact? Explanation please

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Hello Ardi,

Thank you for the question.

It should be clarified, how many weeks exactly is your wife's womb at this time? What medicines did your wife take before?

Amniotic fluid seepage should ideally occur when approaching childbirth, when the gestational age is more than 36 weeks. If at this time your wife's womb is still less than that, and her fertility has leaked a lot, it means she has premature rupture of membranes (to). As a result of this premature rupture of membranes, the condition of the fetus in the womb can be affected, given the vital function of the fetus to support the presence of the fetus in the womb, maintain temperature stability in the uterus, protect the fetus from infection, prevent injury to the fetus, meet the nutritional needs of the fetus, optimize development muscles, nerves, digestive tract, urinary tract, as well as fetal lungs. This amniotic fluid leak is likely to make the fetal heart rate in your wife's womb dramatically increase (at the age of 8 months, the normal fetal heart rate ranges from 130-140 times per minute).

In conditions such as your wife's experience at this time, the doctor will generally evaluate the condition of your wife and the fetus in its womb as a whole. That way, it can be decided, which is better, whether giving birth to the fetus earlier, or allowing it to mature first in the womb. Of course, both of these actions are equally risky. However, a good doctor with competence and experience can certainly weigh which actions are of greater benefit and of less risk.

The drug dexamethasone injected into your wife is usually used by doctors to help mature the fetus's lungs in the womb. Of course, the fetus is born faster (premature, less than 36 weeks), especially with the weight of the fetus that is still small (less than 2500 grams), the condition of most organs are not yet fully mature. For this purpose the drug is given. Various studies have shown that administration of dexamethasone in the third trimester of pregnancy is very useful in supporting fetal lung maturation, and minimizes the risk of negative side effects.

We emphasize again, the obstetrician who treats your wife is certainly more understanding of the actions she will take, according to your wife's condition. Therefore, if you have questions, you should ask him directly yes ..

I hope this helps.

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