The Ankles Are Black And Swollen?

Illustration of The Ankles Are Black And Swollen?
Illustration: The Ankles Are Black And Swollen?

I’m sorry I want to ask my ankle black, swollen, what is the sign of illness? And how is the treatment gimna

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Swollen ankles can be caused by several things such as:

- Injuries can make feet swollen and blackish red bruises due to collisions in the tissues, or sprains that can make fluid and blood out of the capillaries.

- Fluid buildup due to discharge and blood from capillaries caused by excess weight, prolonged activity, and menstruation.

- Blockage of blood vessels so that blood can not flow to the tip of the foot, causing swelling, and discoloration of the feet blackened because cells that do not get oxygen to die.

- Heart, liver, or kidney failure can cause fluid buildup in the lowest areas of the body, the legs and feet.

- Blockage in the lymph nodes can make the feet become swollen because the fluid flow cannot be transported properly

Normally if it is only affected by a non-serious injury, or due to a long-lasting activity, swelling can decrease in less than 1 week. But if the swelling lasts for a long time, I suggest you to see yourself to a specialist in internal medicine to be able to do a thorough examination, such as question and answer, vital signs examination, physical examination of the heart, legs, and additional examinations if necessary such as laboratory blood tests, records heart, x-ray, doppler ultrasound so that treatment can be given immediately according to your diagnosis.

The things you can do right now are:

- Lie down and elevate your feet by 45 degrees, lean against a wall, or be supported with a pillow, do this Trendelenberg position before bedtime

- Soaking feet in cold water and epsom salt for 15-20 minutes every day

- Maintain a diet, low-fat, low-salt diet, lose weight to ideal body weight

- Regular mild exercise

- Enough rest

- Avoid stress

- Don't sit or stand for too long

Also read the article: Causes of swollen feet and easy ways to overcome them

Such information that I can provide, hopefully can help you.

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