The Ankles Feel Soft When Pressed After Being Injured Because Of A Fall?

Illustration of The Ankles Feel Soft When Pressed After Being Injured Because Of A Fall?
Illustration: The Ankles Feel Soft When Pressed After Being Injured Because Of A Fall?

5 Last week I fell and the wound on the ankle was sewn 20 deep, now the wound has dried, but on my ankle when pressed like soft, the bones do not feel. What kind of situation like this huh?

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Hello Risdapinasti,

Thank you for the question.

Need to be clarified, after falling, what checks have you been through? Aside from being sewn, are there any other suggestions for handling from the doctor who examined you, such as needing surgery and so on? Is the area around your ankle still aching, swollen, weak, stiff, or any other complaints?

Soft sensation when the ankle is pressed can naturally occur due to post-injury inflammation that triggers edema (interstitial fluid seepage) or hematoma (bleeding in the skin) so that makes the area swell and feel soft, painful, warm when pressed. Not only that, the soft area around your ankles may also indicate other medical conditions, such as joint dislocation, fractures or fractures, osteomyelitis, arthritis, benign or malignant tumors (eg cysts, lipomas, sarcomas, fibromas), and so on.

Provided there are no signs of severe inflammation in the area around your ankles, it's good that you didn't worry too much. Don't press too hard on your ankle area. Always keep your stitches clean, dry, and not rubbed or pressed too much. If the ankle area feels uncomfortable, you can first apply cold compresses to the area. Do not forget, multiply rest so that the healing area of ​​your ankle that has been injured takes place more optimally.

However, if within 3 days your condition has not improved, but it appears other complaints are more severe as mentioned above in the area of ​​your ankle, you should immediately check with your doctor or the nearest surgeon huh ..

I hope this helps.

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