The Anus Secretes A Foul-smelling Liquid?

Illustration of The Anus Secretes A Foul-smelling Liquid?
Illustration: The Anus Secretes A Foul-smelling Liquid?

Morning … a few days ago I defecated so hard it couldn’t come out. All day back and forth toilets to remove feces until the stool finally came out and was black. A few days after I have a fever, my appetite continues, the anus is painful and the discharge smells like that. What do you think it hurts? Thks

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Hello Ms. Putra Thank you for consulting us on Fluid coming out of the rectal area can usually be caused by several things, namely:

hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids
fistula ani
anal abscess
One of the risk factors for the emergence of fluid from the anus is the frequent constipation that occurs, which causes the lumen / soft tissue in the anus to become injured so that infection may occur and can spread throughout the body / systemic infection. So that complaints can arise such as fever, appetite disorders, the emergence of pain, etc.

It is better if you immediately consult a doctor, so that your complaint can be examined carefully. So that your condition can be treated early and avoid possible complications that can occur. Because if not treated immediately, the possibility of complications can occur in the form of a dangerous systemic infection, intestinal incontinence, the occurrence of anal fistula which gets worse. All you have to do now, of course, is to prevent constipation in the future by:

increase fiber consumption by eating lots of fruits, vegetables and other foods high in fiber (wheat, cereals, brown rice, whole grains and nuts).
increase water consumption at least 1.5 to 2L per day
avoid foods or drinks that contain lots of caffeine, because caffeine can increase water resistance or absorption of fluids by the intestine, resulting in hard stool
do regular exercise at least 30 minutes a day
do not ignore the desire to defecate
make it a habit to defecate every day.
Thus we can say, hopefully increase your understanding of your condition. If you still have something to ask, you can create a new question on the website. thanks.

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