The Appearance Of A Lump On The Inner Eyelid?

Illustration of The Appearance Of A Lump On The Inner Eyelid?
Illustration: The Appearance Of A Lump On The Inner Eyelid?

I was 25 .. before that there was a red lump in the lower left eye .. since then my left eye felt heavier. and a little numb .. the pokemon is uncomfortable .. and I have to do the incision .. and now on the 6th day after the incision .. the lump is still there even though the size has shrunk from before .. but around the lump is still red like inflammation .. r nmy questions. r n1. the incision lump is not clean enough to fit the incision, or is it a layer of dead skin that previously contained stye fluid. so it looks like a lump? r n2. is the lump really a “stye or tumor?” the problem is that I am confused, the lump when pressed does not hurt .. only around the lump is red .. and sometimes the symptoms of discomfort around the eyes still I feel r n3. Do you have to make an incision again? r n4. Do you need a CT scan / biopsy, etc.?

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Hi rickysugi,

Thank you for asking

The appearance of a lump on the inner eyelid can certainly trigger discomfort. Why not, even a small lump can cause pressure on the eyeball and surrounding structures. As a result, sufferers can experience sensations such as propping, pain, heaviness, and the image of objects falling into the eye can become shaded.

There are various conditions that can trigger the appearance of lumps on the eyelids, the most common of which is related to malfunctioning of the glands in the eyelids, for example stye (hordeolum, inflammation of the eyelid glands), kalazion (Meibom's gland cyst), folliculitis (inflammation of the hair root glands) , etc. It could also be, a lump in the eye appears due to preseptal cellulitis (inflammation of the soft tissue around the eye), cancer (malignant tumor), hypertrophic keloid / scar (formation of excessive scar tissue after inflammation), and so on.

An incision can be chosen as the treatment for a lump on the eyelid that appears for a long time and feels very annoying, as you are experiencing. This effort is usually carried out when conservative measures (ie by administering drugs) do not show good results. So, the incision can't specifically explain what exactly caused the lump you had previously.

The still appearance of a lump on the 6th day after the incision of the lump in the eyelid can indicate normal postoperative inflammation that has not subsided, infection of the incision site, hypertrophic scar, or other causes of lumps as mentioned above. If the surgery is performed by a competent medical personnel, there is actually less chance that the incision was not as clean as you are afraid. However, this possibility may occur if the lump you experienced before was firmly attached to the surrounding tissue.

It is better if you re-control the lump from your surgery to an ophthalmologist. What kind of examination and treatment will need to be done on the lump will be determined by the doctor after identifying the cause of the lump, whether it is normal or not.

In the meantime, you shouldn't touch the lump too often. Perform treatment on the surgical scar according to the doctor's instructions to minimize the risk of infection. Also protect your eyes from direct exposure to dust, pollution and other irritants.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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