The Appearance Of Bluish Bruises On The Skin After Scraping?

Illustration of The Appearance Of Bluish Bruises On The Skin After Scraping?
Illustration: The Appearance Of Bluish Bruises On The Skin After Scraping?

I want to ask, yesterday my mother scraped her body and then flushed but left a blue bruise. Why is that?

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O Queen Maesela,

Scrape is the act of scratching a hard object (such as coins) on the surface of the body's skin until the skin turns red. At the time of scraping, a condition occurs in which the capillaries under the skin are broken due to repeated pressure, so this is what causes a red color to the skin, in addition to the inflammatory process that occurs in the skin.

If after scraping your mother develops bluish bruises on the skin, this is due to the rupture of a larger blood vessel, causing bruising on the skin. Bruises generally do not require special treatment and can disappear on their own within 1 week, along with the process of absorption of blood clots by the body itself. Warm compresses on the bruised area can help reduce pain and relieve inflammation that arises.

The scrapings are generally done when someone feels a complaint of catching a cold. A cold is actually a condition that does not exist in medical terms, where a person experiences unwell, chills, headaches, flatulence, nausea, and muscle and joint pain. After scraping, hormones are released in the body that cause a person to feel comfortable, the pain subsides, so that the complaints experienced are reduced. However, scrapings are not a medically recommended procedure and still require further research into their benefits and harms.

Therefore, if your mother experiences symptoms that resemble a cold, it is not advisable to do scrapings. Your mother can maintain her immune system by getting plenty of rest and eating nutritious foods, and reducing her intake of foods that can trigger nausea (such as spicy, acidic, oily, or gas-causing foods). If needed, you can take pain relievers to relieve headaches or muscle pain. However, if with independent handling the complaint does not improve within 3 days, then it is better for your mother to see a doctor so that you can trace the possibility of an underlying medical problem, so that appropriate treatment can be given according to the cause.

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