The Appearance Of Brown Spots On The Face?

Illustration of The Appearance Of Brown Spots On The Face?
Illustration: The Appearance Of Brown Spots On The Face?

Hello, I’m 23 years old Vinni. So on my face there are brown nodules spread from the eye area to the temples as well as my mother on her face there are also brown nodules like that. Are those freckles or just black spots? Thank you?

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Hello Vinni, thank you for asking

Chocolate spots on the face can be caused by various causes. The most common cause is due to the formation of skin pigment (which gives skin color) melanin in certain parts of the skin. Usually sun exposure is associated with an increase in melanin production by pigment-producing cells in the skin.

Freckles are blackish brown flat patches on the skin that usually appear in areas that are often exposed to the sun, namely on the face (cheeks, temples, forehead), shoulders, and also the back. Freckles itself can also be called ephelid or black spots. So black freckles or spots just have different names only (same condition). Actually, freckles are not always brown, it can be a bit yellow or black (depending on the color of each person's skin). There are several conditions that can increase the risk of these freckles, for example:

heredity (you say your mother also has a nodule or brown spots on the face as well, things that you experience can occur due to heredity) exposure to sunlight continuously, for example in people who work outside the room or often sunbathing age factors sensitive skin conditions (there are some people with sensitive skin and then use certain facial products that increase the sensitivity of the skin to sun exposure / so-called phototoxic or photoallergic reactions) white people (caucasian race) Freckles or black spots are actually not harmful to the body, does not cause pain or malignancy / cancer. It's just that this condition can interfere with appearance. The thing to worry about in the case of blackish brown nodules on the skin is if the nodules are getting bigger and bigger, the pustules change color or there is a gradation of color on a nodule, accompanied by an uneven surface of the skin, painful, or causing sores / bleeding.

Freckles itself must be distinguished from moles or changes in skin color after inflammation (for example in acne scars and so on).

In the meantime, keep your skin healthy, and if possible avoid prolonged sun exposure. If possible, use sunscreen with SPF protection> 30. Keep your skin clean by washing your face 2x a day, avoid using make up for too long, and multiply the consumption of vegetables and fruit for vitamins for the skin, and drink enough water so that the skin's moisture is maintained.

If you are still worried about your condition or if the brown spots are very disturbing, you can consult a dermatologist so that the doctor can see immediately and find out the exact cause of the appearance of brown nodules on your face and the doctor can propose appropriate therapies for your condition. the.

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That's all, hopefully it's useful. Always healthy!


dr. Sheryl Serelia.

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