The Appearance Of Menstruation With A Short Duration After Being Late?

Illustration of The Appearance Of Menstruation With A Short Duration After Being Late?
Illustration: The Appearance Of Menstruation With A Short Duration After Being Late?

dear want to ask, I’m late coming months almost 10 days. Then I drink milk soda. Brpa hours later I was bleeding but only 2 days. Is it suppose to be menstruation or not? And now I have not yet come to LG

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Consumption of milk soda alone until now has not been proven to affect directly with menstrual patterns. The appearance of menstruation with a short duration after it is too late can be a normal condition due to impaired hormonal balance. This condition can be influenced by the activities that you do everyday, psychological conditions, diet, side effects of drugs, contraception used, and various other factors. If you only experience complaints like this once in a while, without any other complaints, such as extreme menstrual pain, very little menstrual blood, fertility problems, and so on, this condition is likely to be harmless and not cause for concern.

You need to be vigilant if these menstrual delays often repeat up to 3 menstrual cycles, or more. If you experience this condition, you should check yourself directly to the doctor or obstetrician to further examine the possible causes. Could be, menstruation is often late and very short duration indicates a disease, for example ovarian cysts, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, pituitary gland tumors, and so on. It could also, if you have had sexual relations before, then this short menstrual bleeding occurs due to implantation bleeding, ie bleeding that occurs due to tearing of blood vessels in the uterine wall when the fetus implants (implanting itself in the uterine wall). In some cases, to find out the cause of abnormal menstrual patterns, the doctor can also do further tests, such as ultrasound or hormonal examination. The handling of what will be done later will vary depending on the conditions that underlie your complaint.

As a preliminary treatment, so that menstruation runs more smoothly, we recommend you do the following steps:

Sleep and rest more regularly Do not over consume preservative foods, instant foods. Eat more fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants. Manage emotions wisely. Exercise routine. Hopefully it helps.

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