The Appearance Of Nodules And Swelling Of The Eyelids That Move?

Illustration of The Appearance Of Nodules And Swelling Of The Eyelids That Move?
Illustration: The Appearance Of Nodules And Swelling Of The Eyelids That Move? Bing

I want to ask on March 25, my left eye has a stye at the bottom, it’s not too big, then I only put insto eye drops but not routinely, the swelling subsided in the lump but it slightly widened to the side every morning when I woke up. then I think it’s almost healed because it’s almost no swelling, then on 31-1 I used softlens but it didn’t last for 8 hours. and on the 1st when I went to bed, I forgot to wash my face because of being out of bed. then on the 4th yesterday, the upper eyelid was swollen along the eyelid, the next day it got worse when I woke up, then I applied warm water and routine eye drops 3 times a day, and today it’s still swollen like yesterday but the date is just a lump. should I go to the doctor today? or try to routinely compress warm water for how long have you been to the doctor?

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Hi Monica,

Thank you for asking

The appearance of nodules and swelling on the eyelids, both on the top and bottom, can occur due to the following causes:

Hordeolum (stye, inflammation of the gland in the eyelid) Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid) Chalazion (Meibomian gland cyst) Insect bite Contact dermatitis (skin inflammation due to contact with an allergenic or irritating substance) Preseptal cellulitis (infection of the soft tissue around the eye) Benign or malignancy, and so on. Poorly maintained cleanliness of the area around the eyes, including the habit of using contact lenses without washing your hands first or using thick cosmetics without cleaning them properly can increase your risk of recurring eyelid problems. This can be exacerbated also by abnormalities of the glands in the eyelid itself that facilitates inflammation.

Therefore, considering that the complaint has been going on for 3 days, you should not delay seeing an ophthalmologist immediately. That way, the right diagnosis can be determined along with the best treatment to overcome your complaint. The treatment given later can be in the form of giving topical or oral drugs, surgery, to other medical actions.

For now, you should first take the following steps:

Wash your face regularly 2 times a day using a mild cleansing soap. Wash your face after using cosmetics. Compress the swollen eye area using warm water while raising your head slightly so that the swelling is reduced Protect your eyes from entering harmful foreign particles (eg by using protective glasses) Do not touch , squeeze, or apply anything to the nodules and swelling in the eyes without a doctor's supervision Take paracetamol if your eyelids or eyes feel sore Avoid excessive use of cosmetics around the eyes Before using contact lenses, wash your hands first Hope this helps..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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