The Appropriate Size To Drink Milk For Babies 5 Months?

In the afternoon I want to ask? R n r n My child is now just about 5 months old, how come my child drinks milk until now, didn’t I just try 2 tablespoons and only add 1 spoonful if 4 spoons he made rarely ever .. r n Should my child be given vitamins ?? r n Please ask for advice …

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Thank you for asking I am dr. Princess Claudya will help answer your questions.

Sometimes children who don't drink as much milk as their parents hope can be anxious. In principle, the child's need for milk is sufficient if the child does not show signs of dehydration such as fussiness or excessive sleepiness, sunken crown, sunken eyes, and does not cause growth problems or developmental disorders. However, it is better to ensure adequate nutritional intake should be done before signs of dehydration and growth disorders occur.

For babies aged 2-6 months, the amount of milk needed is generally 60-90 ml at a time, or about 4-6 tablespoons. However, this amount is not absolute, you can give milk whenever the child seems hungry. Babies aged 6 months, ideally exclusively breastfed. If there is a problem with the mother's breast, milk can be expressed and then drunk to the baby using a spoon. Formula milk can be the last alternative if there are conditions where the mother is unable to provide adequate amounts of breast milk, such as low milk production even though any means have been made to increase production.

When giving breast milk to babies, it is also necessary to be aware that too much fluid that enters can cause the baby to vomit. Based on body weight, you can estimate the child's daily milk needs, which is around 150 ml-200ml per kilogram.

Some of the conditions that underlie the difficulty of drinking are:

Are experiencing certain diseases, such as upper respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal infections, mouth ulcer. An uncomfortable environment, for example, there is noise, hot temperatures. The doctor will perform a physical examination on your child to determine whether there is an underlying disease in your child's condition. If the cause is known, the doctor will provide appropriate management.

Suggestions for you:

As much as possible do not replace breastmilk with formula milk, unless your breastmilk is inadequate Give ASI as often as possible, do not overdo it so that the child does not vomit If you use a tool such as a spoon to put in breast milk, make sure the spoon and container are clean Keep track of the child's growth and development. according to the child's age If there are signs of dehydration as mentioned above, do not delay to check your child to the doctor

That is the explanation from me. Hopefully helpful and useful :)


dr. Princess Claudya

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