The Arm Feels Achy After Taking Blood?

Illustration of The Arm Feels Achy After Taking Blood?
Illustration: The Arm Feels Achy After Taking Blood?

Good evening I want to ask, after taking blood in the right arm when it hurts why does the arm even hurt (aches) that my mother felt more than 1 week My question; can such pain disappear and is that normal?

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Hello Dwi,

Blood collection is often done in the cubital vein in the elbow fold area. Sometimes after blood is drawn can indeed occur complaints such as aches, a little cramps / rheumatic pain, and bruises. However, these complaints generally improve within a few hours to several days.

If complaints of pain are still felt after 1 week, it is necessary to consider other possible influences, such as infection in the former injection, irritation around the injection, and neurological disorders. Therefore, I suggest that your mother control her back to the doctor so that they can be evaluated and given further treatment that is more appropriate.

While waiting to see the doctor, your mother can warm compress the painful part, keep the injection area clean, do light stretches, and avoid doing heavy movements that burden the arm.

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