The Association Of Asthma With Corona Virus

Illustration of The Association Of Asthma With Corona Virus
Illustration: The Association Of Asthma With Corona Virus

Hello, Doc. I already have a history of asthma. And I’ve also done x-rays. The lung doctor gave me Symbicort 80 / 4.5. I have been using it for about 3 years. When an asthma attack, usually the drug always works. Which makes my asthma subside and more able to breathe. But these past 3 days, my asthma has recurred and this is quite severe than usual. I even had difficulty breathing, my breath was stuck in my throat and it made me very tired. I use my inhaler, it’s just that it only works about 1-2 hours. And return to normal. I often wake up because I can’t breathe or my chest is too heavy to take a breath. I myself did not experience symptoms of sore throat or high fever. Is my asthma getting worse dock? This has happened about 2 days and at worst every afternoon until the afternoon. Please answer and give me a doc solution. Thank you very much

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Hi Viola,

Asthma is inflammation of the respiratory tract that can cause shortness of breath. Asthma is a chronic disease that can recur when exposed to triggers. Asthma triggers can vary such as physical activity is too heavy, animal dander, cigarette smoke, cold air, viral or bacterial infections, and chemicals.

Associated with corona infections that are epidemic, corona can also cause shortness of breath. Someone who has a history of asthma if infected with corona can experience more severe symptoms.

Asthma treatment itself consists of lozenges when the attack occurs (which you use), and long-term control medication. Provision is given according to the patient's condition. Sometimes the doctor will change the drug regimen if needed.

If with the medicine you use, you still often experience asthma attacks more than 2x in a week or you wake up at night due to an asthma attack, it is better if you consult with the doctor who treats you, especially if shortness of breath is very heavy. The doctor will conduct an examination and provide a more appropriate treatment for you.

In the meantime, you can try doing the following tips first:

Stay at home during the period of prevention of the spread of corona infection, unless there is a severe asthma attack and does not improve with your medication, you can see a doctor
Get enough rest
Clean the house from dust and animal hair
Improve ventilation and home lighting
Avoid stress
Light exercise
Avoid sports or activities that are too heavy

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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