The Association Of Cough And Cold Medicine Consumption For Late Menstruation

good night doc, this month I am experiencing a delayed menstruation when I am 19 years old. usually my cycle is 28 days and last month I menstruated around the 4th for 7 days. even though I usually rarely menstruate late. and yesterday there was a bloodstain coming out I thought it would menstruate it turns out that today there was no more blood spots now this time my sleep cycle was a bit chaotic often stayed up late and also around the month yesterday I was coughing and flu and taking some medicine is there any influence from it ?

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Hello Safira, Thank you for the question.

Normal menstrual cycles range from 21 days to 35 days with menstrual periods 2-7 days. A woman's menstrual cycle is influenced by the work of reproductive hormones in her body. Impaired hormonal balance can cause menstrual disorders such as late menstruation. Some of the causes of late menstruation are:

use of hormonal contraception
lack of rest
strict diet
drastic weight change
have less or excess body weight
high stress level
thyroid hormone disorders
polycystic ovary syndrome

The symptoms that you are experiencing are not related to the consumption of the drugs you mentioned.

If there is a possibility of pregnancy because you've had sex, you can do a testpack to make sure. Testpack can be repeated the next 3-5 days if the results of the first testpack are still negative to ensure the results of the testpack. In addition, you can do independent handling at home by doing the following suggestions:

get enough rest for 7-9 hours every day
avoid excessive physical activity
avoid strict diets, multiply the consumption of nutritious foods
maintain ideal body weight
manage stress well

If the testpack results are positive or if menstrual disorders occur for 3 consecutive months, it is recommended that you immediately consult with your nearest obstetrician so that the doctor can carry out further examinations to determine the cause before determining the treatment that is appropriate for you.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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