The Association Of The Use Of Soap In Preventing Corona

Illustration of The Association Of The Use Of Soap In Preventing Corona
Illustration: The Association Of The Use Of Soap In Preventing Corona

I want to ask the doctor. if effective soap kills corona, then1. why the liquid soap is not converted into smoke or steam with a modifying device such as a nebulezer or respi? 2. Is the smoke from the soap unable to kill the virus in the lungs? 3. Does toothpaste include soap? if so, is it able to kill the virus by swallowing it after gargling? 4. What is the negative impact of soap when entering the lungs or into the body?

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Hello Demia,

Thank you for the question.

Soap is usually made from oils (such as vegetable or animal oils) and bases (alkalis) that are mixed in the saponification process. With this composition, soap can bind the virus particle, kill it, and then make it wasted from the surface of the skin when cleaned. Today, many soap manufacturers also add other substances as components of the soap (for example trichlosan) in order to produce a more optimal effect.

It should be understood, not all substances that are safe and have a good effect when in contact with the skin will be safe and also have good effects when used in other forms, such as in the form of smoke or steam as you mentioned. Particles in the soap itself, if inhaled directly into the airway, is very risky to cause irritation to your airways. These respiratory tract irritation symptoms can vary, for example the nose and throat feel dry, sore, itching, phlegm, pain, heat, suffocation, tightness, coughing, and so on. When larger sized soap particles are inhaled into the deeper respiratory tract, the skin and mouth may appear blue, and breathing difficulties can be very severe or even deadly.

Toothpaste so far is not known specifically about its ability to kill viruses. More importantly, the use of toothpaste when brushing your teeth is to help refresh the breath. Not only that, the toothpaste also contains a variety of components that can get rid of food debris that sticks around the teeth and gums, patching micro holes in the teeth, and also whiten the color of teeth. So far, there has not been enough research to prove the effectiveness of toothpaste in killing viruses as you mentioned. In addition, in line with the above, swallowing toothpaste into the digestive tract, if done excessively can have an adverse impact on health, for example, it can make the throat feel pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and many other complaints.

Therefore, use substances according to their recommendations. If you want to eradicate the virus on the surface of your skin, take frequent baths and wash your hands with soap and rinse with clean water, then also wear towels and clean clothes, and also keep the environment clean in the environment. around you.

I hope this helps.

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