The Association Of Vitamin Consumption Against Recurring Heartburn

Illustration of The Association Of Vitamin Consumption Against Recurring Heartburn
Illustration: The Association Of Vitamin Consumption Against Recurring Heartburn

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There is a history of GERD / gastro esopgaheal reflex disease and gastric disorders that you have felt since December 2019, but until now this complaint disappears or recurrence, then this might be triggered by not optimal controlling habits and risk control that might trigger this complaint relapse. With some risk factors you still live or some habits you still live, then this complaint will often disappear. If it has been restored with the help of drugs, some time this complaint will return again.

Whenever you have begun to reduce the risk that your doctor recommends, or have done enough rest, or you have not done taboo, maybe some other things you might still not consistently control and avoid.

If the complaint that you are feeling right now arises after you routinely take vitamins, then you should avoid it. Vitamins that are consumed can increase your appetite stimulation, where this happens with an increase in your stomach acid production so you feel hungry and finally you can increase your food intake. If hunger is not filled with food, stomach acid will also irritate your stomach. Therefore, you should not delay consumption of your vitamins until your stomach is more comfortable. You can also replace the tablets or capsules with fresh fruits and vegetables, drink optimal, or consume a variety of foods with a menu that is suitable for your stomach.

And if your GERD complaints often recur, from now on you begin to identify anything that can increase your stomach complaints uncomfortable. Identify complaints indicators that describe your stomach getting uncomfortable, such as mild arousal or belching; then remember, what you do or consume that causes initial complaints stomach discomfort, such as after taking vitamins or after consuming instant food. All of this you need to write or remember so that you understand your body and understand anything that doesn't suit you, whether it's food, habits, or activities.

In general, some of the conditions below can trigger your stomach or GERD complaints that often recur or take a long time to recover, such as:

Worry easily
Uncontrolled emotions
The habit of staying up late / lack of sleep
Often late eating
Irregular eating
Eat too much
Eat too little
Smoking, alcohol, drugs
Less water or fluid intake
Consumption of eating spicy foods, bersantan, foods with spices nuts, instant foods, packaged foods, foods with strong herbs, packaged drinks, soft drinks
Physical fatigue

Although not all of the above can definitely affect your complaint, the information above can risk affecting your complaint to recur. So, what needs to be done is to evaluate it and prevent it. The most important treatment for GERD is to know the trigger and prevent it. Treatment can help you when your complaint arises. If you adopt a healthy lifestyle and a healthy eating pattern that suits you, then GERD complaints will get better soon and rarely recur in the near future.

However, if within 2 weeks all your efforts do not produce good results, or your complaints are still disturbing, then you should still consult your doctor again for evaluation and examination for you. The doctor will conduct further examinations if necessary to ensure there are no other diseases that cause this complaint, such as: liver disorders, gallstones or food allergies.

During the treatment and recovery period, eat focus and commit to preventing and assisting you in care and recovery.

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