The Baby Does Not Want To Breastfeed After The Mother Has Had The 3 Month Birth Control Injection?

After 40 days after giving birth, I was immediately included in the 3 month family planning program for breastfeeding mothers, but when my baby was 3 months old I stopped breastfeeding. can my baby breastfeed again?

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3-month injection of contraception is a type of contraception that is safe for breastfeeding mothers to use because it does not contain the hormone estrogen which can affect milk production. This birth control contains the synthetic progesterone hormone which prevents pregnancy by thickening cervical mucus, preventing ovulation, and also preventing implantation.

Babies who do not want to breastfeed as happened to your baby are most likely not caused by the birth control injections you are using. Some of the possibilities that can cause a baby not to breastfeed, namely:

Confused nipples; usually caused by the use of the wrong breastfeeding medium, for example a pacifier
Low milk production; usually occurs due to the mother rarely breastfeeding or emptying the breast, experiencing stress, not drinking enough
The milk flow is too heavy

Inverted nipple (nipple that goes inside)
History of preterm birth or LBW (low birth weight babies)
Anatomical disorders, such as tongue tie (the root of the tongue that is firmly attached to the floor of the mouth), lip tie, cleft palate (which often causes the baby to choke)
Other diseases, such as heart problems (which make the baby tired more quickly when breastfeeding), and so on

Needs to be re-evaluated, exactly what makes your baby reluctant to breastfeed. For that, you should check your baby directly with the lactation counselor or the nearest pediatrician. By knowing the cause, treatment can be done appropriately according to the cause of the complaint. For example, if your child has anatomical problems, such as tongue tie, the doctor can treat it by incising the tongue tie so that the baby can feed more easily. The doctor will also help you to be able to do relactation (breastfeeding again). It is never too late to re-breastfeed your baby. With disciplined effort and strong will, relactation is generally not an impossible thing to do.

At this time, you need to do the following tips:

Increase your milk production by more regularly emptying the breasts, can be breastfed or expressed every 2 hours, drink more, eat healthy and nutritious foods, and don't stress
Do not use a pacifier as a medium for expressing breastfeeding. If you are unable to breastfeed right away, give your baby expressly milk using a spoon or cup feeder
Think positive, believe you can breastfeed your baby again until he is 2 years old or more

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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