The Baby Has Difficulty Breathing?

Illustration of The Baby Has Difficulty Breathing?
Illustration: The Baby Has Difficulty Breathing?

Doc, why is it that my child sleeps often has shortness of breath, especially sleeping at night .. So when the breath sounds loud like that …

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Hello Fishola, thank you for asking the team.

Previously, how old was your child? Is shortness of breath accompanied by coughing?

The sound of shortness of breath in children should not be left for long enough, because there are many causes that make their airways clogged so that the sound of their breath becomes short, especially if they frequently "rub" their face, most likely there is a blockage. Here are some of the causes of airway obstruction in children, including:

colds, is a common thing that mostly affects children. Colds cause the respiratory tract, especially the nose to become blocked, so that when there is air flow through the nose, the sound produced is heavier so that it sounds like tightness. asthma, there is a narrowing of the airways in the lungs, the sound it makes is more like a whistling sound, but sometimes accompanied by a heavy sound like a clogged fluid. allergies, some children who have a talent for allergies to cold, dust, or smoke will be more sensitive to their airways, so when exposed to these allergens, the body's response is to secrete fluids such as phlegm which causes blockage of the airway, the resulting breath sounds like hoarseness and can also cause tightness. congenital heart disease, shortness that is produced because the heart is difficult to do its job, namely pumping blood throughout the body, the heart's difficulty in pumping causes some fluid / blood to remain in the lungs, causing difficulty breathing. As well as not smooth blood supply to the tissues, the need for oxygen in the tissues is also disturbed, so that sometimes bluish lips, acral / fingertips appear in children, a sign that the child is lacking oxygen in his body. Anemia and others The shortness of breath in children if left untreated for a long time can affect the child's growth, so it would be better if your child is immediately checked by a doctor to get the right treatment according to the underlying cause. Giving drugs for children should first consult with a doctor / pediatrician, because not all drugs are good when given to children.

Before you take your child to see a doctor, there are a few tips you can do at home to treat shortness of breath in children, including:

Apply warm oil that is safe for your child around the chest and neck area to lighten the nose if there is indeed a blockage, or if there is an allergy to cold temperatures try to keep your room temperature as warm as possible so as not to aggravate shortness of breath in your child. Cover your child to maintain body temperature To stay warm, keep children away from cigarette smoke that is likely to be inhaled by family members, and try to remind family members not to smoke so as to avoid the danger of shortness of breath for active smokers and those around them as passive smokers if they are still in the age range of 6 months, continue to provide exclusive breastfeeding , if more than 6 months of age, pay attention to breastfeeding and complementary foods so that they are nutritionally balanced, so that they can form protection for their body so that they can work optimally. Pay attention to the danger signs of shortness of breath in children, and as soon as possible take them to the hospital for help. The danger signs you need to know are:

The child's breath is more than 70x in 1 minute, the nostrils appear to move when the child breathes, this indicates that the child needs extra effort to breathe so that it can be ascertained that the child is short of breath, the chest muscles appear to be active when the child breathes, is an extra effort by the body because there is a blockage in the respiratory tract / the child is short of breath, the breath has stopped for 10 seconds, the sound of the breath sounds so loud, accompanied by a whistling sound / as if there is a blocked phlegm, there is a bluish color on the lips, nose and fingertips of the child looks weak, the child does not want to eat and drink A few of us hope you can answer your questions, thank you.

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