The Baby Has Not Entered The Pelvis?

Illustration of The Baby Has Not Entered The Pelvis?
Illustration: The Baby Has Not Entered The Pelvis?

, my pregnancy has entered 38 weeks, but after checking the baby’s head has not entered the pelvis. If until the baby’s head contractions have not entered the pelvis, I will not be able to give birth normally? Then what causes the baby’s head not to enter the pelvis? Even though I am 159cm tall.

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The entry of the lowest part of the fetus (usually the head) to the pelvic doorway (PAP) can be used as an indicator that labor will be getting closer. In general, for mothers who have never given birth (primigravida), the fetal head will enter PAP at the 9th month, which is at 39 weeks or more. However, for mothers who have given birth before (multigravida), the fetal head can enter PAP earlier, namely when the pregnancy reaches the 8th month.

If you are currently pregnant for the first time, then the fetal head has not been lowered to PAP actually does not always indicate an abnormality. This condition can occur because it is influenced by many factors, including:

Position of the placenta (placenta), for example, the placenta is low

Entangled umbilical cord
Small pelvis size

Large fetus size
Head-pelvic disproportion
There is a mass that prevents entry of the fetus to PAP, eg myoma
Twin fetuses (Gemelli), and so on

Not infrequently, it is not clear what causes the fetal head not to go down to the PAP. Therefore, a comprehensive examination, not only by ordinary physical examination, but also by ultrasound, by an obstetrician is very important to do in order to determine the best intervention.

Our advice, discuss directly with your obstetrician regarding the condition of your pregnancy. If your condition persists until it's time for delivery, the doctor will first evaluate whether there are conditions that prevent normal delivery. If there is, then in general, cesarean delivery will be preferred, of course, taking into account the safety of you and the fetus in your womb.

In the meantime, it's best not to worry too much. Do lots of prostrating and walking to relax the pelvic muscles and help the fetus head to enter the PAP more quickly. But remember, there's no need to push yourself too hard. Surrender to God Almighty what will happen in the future. No cesarean delivery or normal delivery is better or worse as long as it is done according to the correct indication.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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