The Baby Is Pale Limp & The Respiratory Tract Is Disturbed

Illustration of The Baby Is Pale Limp & The Respiratory Tract Is Disturbed
Illustration: The Baby Is Pale Limp & The Respiratory Tract Is Disturbed

Afternoon doc, doc I want to ask my baby was born prematurely with a healthy state but only underweight, but after returning home my baby has a pale and pale and weak feeling what is it because his breathing is disturbed or what? Please the solution dock.

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Having a birth history with a baby's weight less than normal and born prematurely, then it is possible to know that your baby's birth weight is under 2500 grams and gestational age up to term pregnancy or under 37 weeks. In babies born prematurely and underweight, this will be a risk factor for possible comorbid complaints that may accompany this condition which is affected by the baby's body's maturation system due to premature birth, such as anemia, nausea, vomiting, yellow baby, spasms, or your baby's movements are not very active. However, all of this is an uncertain possibility in babies born prematurely.

If your child is currently experiencing complaints of colds, pale, or weakness, then this condition may be caused by anemia. The presence of pale complaints that you encounter in your baby, is likely to be affected by your baby's blood redness lower than normal or due to anemia. If this complaint you encounter only a few days after you and your baby come home from the hospital, then you and your baby should return to control to the hospital to evaluate the pale and cold complaints experienced by your baby. By making a return visit to the hospital or to the doctor who is treating your child, it can be ascertained whether the complaints felt by your baby are at risk or not to his health.

Fluid or preterm labor can occur due to several things, such as:

High blood pressure of pregnant women
Previous history of premature birth
Premature rupture of membranes
Abnormalities in the placenta
Abnormalities in amniotic fluid

While complications that may occur in premature babies can be:

Disorders of the heart organ system
Respiratory system system disorders
Indigestion and liver
Impaired body temperature regulation
Blood system disorders
Immune system disorders
System and brain function disorders

If your baby has a cold, then this complaint generally does not cause pale complaints in your baby. Pale and weak complaints in babies with colds may be influenced by other conditions, both from the respiratory system, blood system, or digestive system. Therefore, complaints that your baby feels cannot be ascertained, especially if your baby is pale.

To ensure all this, a direct examination by your pediatrician is required. The doctor will conduct an evaluation and clinical examination to help find out your clinical condition. Physical examination and supporting examination can be done to help find out the cause, such as blood tests to determine the general condition of your child. Thus, the doctrine will provide treatment and care according to the examination results obtained.

For now, all you need to do is consult a doctor directly and avoid giving any food to your baby, in addition to giving milk or milk according to your doctor's advice.

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