The Baby’s Desire To Drink Milk Decreases Once He Begins To Eat?

my child is 6 months old, in 5 days my child will even be 7 months old. r nI want to ask why my child is drinking less fluorine, is there any effect on the supplement that I have replaced with his 6 months old Or the reduction in drinking sufor because the effect starts to wear off. I am confused because my child looks thin, his cheeks are starting to become thin, only his body is full. R nThe problem is that it is different to see it. R nWhat should I do?

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Hello Mrs. Wulan,

Mothers don't need to worry, because normally children who have started to be given complementary foods will experience a decrease in the frequency of drinking milk. Children who are 6 months old should be given 3 main meals with 2 snacks. So it is natural that the child will breastfeed less.

What you need to pay attention to from your child's growth is weight, height and head circumference, which you can adjust with the growth chart in your child's KMS. If the mother feels that your child does not look as full as before, it does not mean that your child is not healthy, ma'am. The activities of children at this age are also more so that they spend more energy.

Therefore, make sure the complementary food provided meets the child's needs, ma'am, and give milk according to the instructions for use.

here are some interesting articles that you can read:

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may be useful,

dr. Barrel.

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