The Baby’s Eyes Continue To Excrete After Cataract Surgery

Illustration of The Baby’s Eyes Continue To Excrete After Cataract Surgery
Illustration: The Baby’s Eyes Continue To Excrete After Cataract Surgery

Hello dokkk, I want to ask a doc. A few months ago my child underwent left eye cataract surgery, after walking for about 1mil half it appeared like a white bias on the edge of his pupils. A distance of 4 months my son cataract surgery lg right eye after finishing his eyes were given drops, but every time after the left eye was given eye drops often remove not a little dirt, if the right eye also issued but not as much as the right eye. My question, doc, why is there so much dirt in the left eye? Though drops continue to be given according to doctor’s instructions. Previously, thank you doc ​​for answering my question.

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Source: tear drain obstruction


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There is a history of cataract surgery on your baby's eyes and currently both eyes have passed through this surgical procedure, however, at this time your baby's eyes often appear as eye discharge, especially in his left eye, then this condition is often caused by a blockage in the tear ducts. You should also provide information after your baby is at this time, so this can provide additional information to the possible cause and you should also provide information from your child's eye doctor's evaluation results, because your child's eye doctor better understands the condition of your eye health.

However, in general, baby's eye complaints often show dirt in the eye, especially after cataract surgery, this condition is likely caused by the closure of the tear ducts in your baby's eyes or also called tear duct blockage. This blockage often occurs in newborns until the baby is 12 months old. Furthermore, as your baby grows and develops, your complaints will improve or disappear along with the tear ducts that have begun to open. Infants with blockages in the tear ducts cause a buildup of tears and eye discharge around the corners of the eyes and around the eyelids. Sometimes this eye dirt is not too dark in color, however, it can also appear darker. These complaints are often not accompanied by other accompanying complaints, such as red eyes, swelling of the eye or your baby is fussy.

If your baby is currently receiving medication from the doctor who treated him, then you can continue the medications your doctor has given to your baby according to the recommendations and dosages given. If your baby's eyes run water, then wipe with a clean tissue around the eyes. If your baby's eyes are dirty, clean them with clean cloth water and moisten them with clean water. This is to help clean the dirt on your baby's eyes. In addition, you can also give a light massage to the corner of the eye that is connected to your baby's nose. Give a light and regular massage 60 to 120 seconds each session, but wash your hands before giving care to your baby's eyes. Giving warm compresses can also be done to help reduce this complaint.

In addition to the eyes appear a lot of dirt, other complaints can also be found either in the form of tears continue to come out and flow, the eyes look rather red, swollen eyelids, sticky eyes. However, you can find all these complaints or not see them, depending on the clinical condition of your child.

Apart from obstruction of the tear ducts, several other medical conditions can also provide similar complaints, such as:

Accompany complaints after surgery
Eye trauma
Inflammation of the eye

It is best to meet with an eye doctor who treats your child. The doctor will conduct a direct examination and ascertain the cause of this complaint. With a direct examination, the doctor who treats your child will find out the cause and provide the care needed.

For now, you can still provide routine care as described above and continue your doctor's advice.

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