The Baby’s Head Is Not Yet Under The Age Of 7 Months Of Pregnancy?

Congratulations, sir. I want to ask, kamren when my ultrasound is 7 months 2 weeks, and it weighs 1.2kg … The doctor said the head position should be below, the body weight is normal … but the midwife said the baby’s weight I am too small if 7 months. How? I am worried because this is my first pregnancy

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It is understood that the breech presentation pregnancy must be evaluated by an obstetrician.

Estimated normal fetal body weight at 7 months 2 weeks of pregnancy is around 1000-1400 grams. Therefore, it can be said that the estimated body weight of a normal sister is in accordance with the age of the womb.

In general, if the lowest part of the fetus has not entered the pelvis, the presentation and location of the fetus can still change (in the first pregnancy, the lowest part of the fetus enters the pelvis at 36 weeks 'gestation, whereas in the second pregnancy and so on at 38 weeks' gestation). Efforts to change the position of the baby (external cephalic version) must also be made in health facilities available in caesarean sectio services and generally carried out at 36-38 weeks' gestation. This procedure is done by putting pressure on the mother's abdomen using her hands, positioned so that the baby's head is under.

For consideration of normal birth or surgery, it is necessary to consult with a gynecologist, generally considering gestational age, estimated fetal weight (can be with USG), number of previous normal births, history of breech deliveries, opening and descending of the fetal bottom. Based on scientific data, babies born with breech presentations are at risk of morbidity (such as due to birth trauma, and prolonged labor), therefore if the lowest part of the baby has entered the pelvis, the doctor will consider birth with SC (sectio caesarean) surgery or normal. Generally, at 30 weeks gestation, the lower part of the fetus has not entered the pelvis, so the position and presentation of the baby in the womb can still change.

In addition, if the lower part of the fetus has not entered the pelvis (gestational age <36 weeks), it is recommended to increase the position of prostration in the hope that the fetal presentation can turn into a head presentation (read this article on how to improve breech position naturally)

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