The Baby’s Left Hand Is More Active Than The Right Hand?

Illustration of The Baby’s Left Hand Is More Active Than The Right Hand?
Illustration: The Baby’s Left Hand Is More Active Than The Right Hand?

Good night, I want to ask why my baby’s left hand is more active and can already hold and pick up toys but his right hand is rather difficult to hold toys and pick up toys and often grasps even though he is 7 months old. But if his right hand holds mine it feels tight and strong but when it has been tried to hold the toy often loose and not for long

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It needs to be explored further about the condition of the baby's left hand is more active than the right hand. This can be caused by your baby's left hand which is indeed the more dominant hand. Although we know in the general population that many have the right hand as the dominant hand. Generally, the dominant hand can be known when the child starts to play and learn to hold and hold items, such as small toys or milk bottles.

However, please also note that there are several possible causes of your child's right hand medical condition being inactive such as injury to the muscles or tendons in the shoulder and arm so that movement is hampered, disruption of the nervous system in the arm area that interferes with movement, or inflammation in the joints that can experienced due to an autoimmune process and disrupt the movement of the shoulder, arm, or wrist area. If the child appears cranky or crying when the right hand is used, it appears that the red, swollen right arm, it is advisable to have your child consulted by a pediatrician for further management.

If there is no apparent medical condition accompanying the movement of your child's right arm, you can start stimulating the use of your child's right hand such as giving things to your child's right arm, inviting to use your right hand when picking up fruit or toys as desired. The more frequent use of the left hand can also be caused by habits, the development of a child's dominant right brain. Of course, when the child is developing, the procedure for using the right hand when shaking hands can be taught regarding manners. For information on similar topics, you can access the discussion at this link.

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