The Baby’s Penis Is Swollen?

Illustration of The Baby’s Penis Is Swollen?
Illustration: The Baby’s Penis Is Swollen?

please ask, my son is 9 months old, yesterday afternoon he had a fever and pain when urinating, the next day his penis was swollen, and cried in pain when he was pregnant. n Why? How to handle it? NThank you

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Possible illnesses for your child may be a urinary tract infection, injury to the penis, or inflammation of the head of the penis (balanitis). Urinary tract infection is the most common infection in children younger than 2 years. Usually the child will experience fever and pain when urinating. The flow of urine can also be sluggish. Inflamed, the patient also feels pain in the stomach and has decreased appetite. Injury to the penis can cause interference with urination. A fever that is not too high can also appear when the child is suffering from pain.

Balanitis can occur due to infection. Children who have balanitis will usually experience pain, itching, and swelling of the penis. Balanitis often occurs in children who have not been circumcised because of the dirt that has accumulated at the tip of the penis. In addition to drugs, sometimes patients are also advised to be circumcised. To find out the causes and treatment of your child's problems, you should take your child to see a urologist. The doctor will perform a direct examination and provide a drug that matches the cause of the swelling of the penis.

At home, you can care for your child's penis by cleaning it with warm water at least twice a day. Always make sure the penis is clean and dry. Avoid using soap to clean a swollen penis. To deal with pain, you can give painkillers such as paracetamol. Make sure you give paracetamol according to the dosage on the package based on the child's weight.

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