The Baby’s Throat Is 1 Month Old As If There Is A Lump Of Saliva?

Hello .. My baby is only 1 month old, it’s been 2 days like there is phlegm or saliva that is stuck in his throat, sometimes he wants to come out like he wants to vomit, but he doesn’t come in again. What should I do to get out that stuck. Thank you..

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Mucosal cells lining the throat wall will indeed continuously produce mucus. This mucus serves to moisten the air entering the respiratory tract while preventing the entry of harmful foreign substances into the deeper airways. Normally, the amount of mucus produced is very small, so it does not cause the baby to cough, experience annoying breathing sounds (for example snoring or grok-grok), nausea, or vomiting.

If you find mucus production in your baby's throat increasing, then this condition can be caused by:


Allergies, for example due to cold, dust mites, certain formula milk
Airway irritation, for example due to inhalation of smoke

Viral or bacterial infections, and so on

Not always this condition is dangerous. You can take the following steps to help your baby cope with his complaint:

Give the baby ONLY breast milk until she is 6 months old
Burp the baby after feeding
Do not leave the baby in an environment that is too cold, windy, smoky (including cigarette smoke), and polluted
Keep yourself clean, especially when going to contact well
Also bathe your baby regularly in the morning and evening using warm water
Dry baby in the morning sun before 9 o'clock so that the mucus melts
Do not carelessly give medicines to babies

If this condition still does not improve, or to make your baby have difficulty falling asleep, difficulty breathing, fussing, fever, and experiencing other complaints that are more severe, do not hesitate to check your baby directly to the doctor or pediatrician.

I hope this helps.

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