The Back Is Numb After Surgery Of The Epididymis Cyst And Inguinal Hernia?

I was sentenced to experience straight lumbar cyst surgery after epididymis and inguinal hernias. I experience numbness often in the back of the genitals to the left leg what if stepping on pain. Every morning I feel very sick pain. So what should I do next?

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Complaints that you experience can be caused by disorders of the nerves in the spine. The disorder can be caused by the spinal cord pinning the spinal cord. Complaints that arise in the form of pain or a tingling sensation that spreads according to the skin's sensory innervation dermatomes. For this reason, you should consult a neurologist. The doctor will do the physical examination and support needed, such as an examination with an MRI. The doctor will give you painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and nerve vitamins if needed. In addition, physiotherapy will also be done by medical rehab doctors if needed. If the complaint becomes more severe, which is characterized by weak or immovable legs or difficulty in holding urine and bowel movements, the doctor will plan surgery to deal with it.

Meanwhile, you should limit your movement, especially lifting heavy loads.

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