The Back Of The Head Feels Throbbing Pain When Waking Up?

Illustration of The Back Of The Head Feels Throbbing Pain When Waking Up?
Illustration: The Back Of The Head Feels Throbbing Pain When Waking Up?

hello doctor … I want to ask .. I am 22 years old, it has been years every time I wake up, my head back beat fast, it feels like the heart has moved to the head. then my heart was beating fast too. then when I stood my sight was dark and when I walked it felt like it was going to fall. but it only happened for about 10-15 seconds. Do you think this is dangerous? r n r nfor additional information, I never consume caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes. I often stay up late sleeping at 4-5 in the morning (almost every day). rarely exercise and almost never eat vegetables. my father has coronary heart disease, mother is healthy. r nhope the doctor can help answer. thank you

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Normally, adults need 6-9 hours of sleep per night. To start sleeping, it normally takes 30 minutes or less from when you start trying to sleep (getting into bed). The amount of sleep that everyone needs is different. However, if you just start sleeping at 4 or 5 a.m., your body will also experience a disturbance. The headache you feel may be related to this. Lack of sleep makes you less refreshed and sleepy throughout the day. Even if you sleep for 9 hours starting at 5 a.m., your sleep may not be as effective as if you start sleeping at night. Our bodies were created to work during the day and rest at night. Our body has a circadian rhythm which functions to control the condition of the body according to the circumstances 24 hours. In the arrangement, the circadian rhythm adjusts to various conditions, one of which is light and dark, to determine day and night. The body will always try to minimize its activities and rest at night. This circadian rhythm cannot be "tricked" by turning off the lights during the day and turning on the lights at night. This is because unnatural light regulation cannot reset the circadian rhythm. As a simple example, the regulation of various hormones in the body can be disrupted because of this habit. Not only can it cause headaches, unhealthy sleep patterns can also increase various diseases, including cancer. Therefore, you should reset your sleep hours to be healthier. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, including holidays.

To be able to sleep better, try to avoid eating too much before bed. Getting physical in the morning or evening can also help you. When it's near your desired bedtime, try turning off the lights. You can drink warm milk to make it easier to sleep. Try not to sleep during the day and maximize your activities during the day. You can also try a variety of relaxation therapies, including yoga. Stay away from cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine. Apart from coffee, you should also avoid chocolate, tea and soda because they also contain caffeine. If you have gone through these methods but are still having trouble getting your sleep time properly, there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help. Psychiatrists are competent people to deal with the problems you face today. If your sleep pattern is good but your head still feels throbbing, you can see your doctor in person for a checkup.

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