The Benefits Of Push-ups For 16-year-olds?

Illustration of The Benefits Of Push-ups For 16-year-olds?
Illustration: The Benefits Of Push-ups For 16-year-olds?

I pushup Wide grip 30x, pushup 30x as usual, and Triangle pushup 30x

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Sport is an excellent physical activity for physical health, both physical and psychological (Read: Various Benefits of Sports). There are several types of sports, which can be broadly divided into:

Endurance sports / endurance for example with aerobic movements, which play a role in improving the work of the heart and lungs. In addition, aerobic exercise can help burn fat and reduce levels of bad cholesterol, relaxation of blood vessels, lower blood pressure, and reduce blood sugar levels. This type of exercise usually uses large groups of muscles in the body, such as swimming, jogging, brisk walking, gymnastics, cycling, and others. Strength training to train and build muscle. In addition to building muscle, this type of exercise can also stimulate bone growth, reduce blood sugar levels, strengthen the spine (so as to reduce complaints of spinal pain). Examples of strength sports include pushing up like you do stretching. Many people underestimate stretching activity, even though this activity is important for muscle flexibility and increasing blood and oxygen delivery to the muscle. The movements in yoga are part of stretching muscles. Balance exercise is intended to make the posture more stable and strengthen the legs. Yoga and taichi are examples of sports that can improve body balance. The choice of sports is individual. Type of exercise can be chosen based on its purpose, whether to build muscle, improve the ability of the heart and lungs, burn fat, and so forth. As for how hard or how long we practice, it also varies, depending on the ability of each individual.

Sports should be done with the intensity is not too heavy (mild-moderate). This can be estimated by calculating your maximum heart rate (220-age in years). The intensity of exercise that is appropriate and optimal is when you have reached the target heart rate that is 60-70% of the maximum heart rate. Suppose you are 16 years old, then target your heart rate while exercising at 122-142 times per minute (you can measure the pulse by touching your wrist using two fingers on the surface of the wrist parallel to the thumb).

Push ups themselves are good for building muscle and various other benefits. For the large number of push-ups must be adjusted to your conditions and abilities (not to be forced). An increase in the number of push ups can be increased gradually over time. However, it is also important to pay attention to good push-up techniques so that you avoid injury.

Continue to maintain your body's fitness by exercising regularly 3-5 times a week and with a minimum duration of 30 minutes (don't forget to also pay attention to its intensity), as well as:

consumption of foods rich in nutrients and vitamins, multiply vegetables and fruits, and protein (for muscle formation). I suggest you also consume foods high in calcium to support bone growth, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, get enough rest, sleep at least 6-8 hours per day, don't force yourself to exercise too heavily. Adjust to your ability So, hopefully it is useful yes and hopefully you are always healthy. Regards.

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