The Best Treatment For People With OCD?

Illustration of The Best Treatment For People With OCD?
Illustration: The Best Treatment For People With OCD?

Hello, my name is Keke, I am 22 years old, I have experienced anxiety since I was 19 years old, at first I did not feel anything about myself, such as teenagers usually hangout, etc., but the difference from myself appears when I see my friends like something strange on him, so I tried to see him over and over again with my eyes and face that always turned to him many times, even when I met new people the same, I always looked at him over and over again. And I think this is a natural thing, until I find strange things back in myself when I read a book / article on google, I try to read it carefully and try to read it over and over again, I am not satisfied when I read it only once, even when I was typing a message, I have arranged the words well, but I try to delete it and retype the message I want to send … Strangely, I often when I want to sleep / wake up I always turn on / turn off the lights many times to make sure the electric socket is in the condition is good, not only that, I also often repeat what I have done, such as opening the refrigerator, door, turning off the computer, checking the stove again when it is off, even I often smell something fragrant repeatedly, it’s worse again sometimes I often repeat my words. Also, when I talk to people sometimes my tongue feels weird, it’s like it doesn’t move. Maybe other people who see myself not happening anything, which stands out from me so that other people know that I was weird when my boss came to the desk, my eyes suddenly reflect on my boss dick, and I not only saw my boss dick, Even my co-workers sometimes reflect my eyes to see like that, there is no intention to see things like that, I don’t have dirty thoughts, and even strange things happen again, when I see my friend who has big boobs, I immediately see it like over and over, im not ‘be sex’, im still normal, and i have boyfriend, and i try to fight it all, but sometimes i do it again, please work out, so i don’t do weird things like this again, – Thank you –

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Thank you for asking I am dr. Princess Claudya will help answer your questions.

Based on the description of your complaint, the underlying condition is most likely Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

This disorder is characterized by a person having a strong desire to do or think about something for the sake of his satisfaction and calm. If you don't do this, people with OCD will feel anxious and uneasy. As a result, someone will tend to do something that makes him not anxious to think about it over and over again.

There are many types of OCD, namely:

type of checking: doing a ritual checking repeatedly, for example making sure the house has been locked or not repeatedly
intrusive thought: thinking about something, an idea, or an event repeatedly
contamination type: cleaning body parts repeatedly
Symmetric type: for example, arranging books in order of thickness
type of storing goods / hoarding: storing items that are not used now with the thought that they will be used again at a later time

Based on your exposure, your OCD condition is likely to be a type of checking and distracting thinking.

However, your condition is not necessarily OCD. Because to diagnose psychiatric disorders, a more detailed examination is needed, not just the description of symptoms.

Apart from OCD, the conditions you are experiencing can also include:

Generalized anxiety disorder: In this condition a person will feel anxious at almost every point and every time in his life. Even the smallest and the nonsense was sometimes a source of anxiety. The diagnosis can be made if anxiety persists for more than 6 months.
Adjustment disorder: anxiety or depression that occurs after experiencing a change in living conditions such as a breakup, being fired from work, changing schools, etc.
Post-traumatic stress disorder: anxiety that occurs after experiencing a very unpleasant (traumatic) experience in the past, such as seeing a murdered family, being involved in a serious accident, being raped
Specific phobia disorder: symptoms of anxiety appear after seeing / being exposed to certain things that make them afraid even though most people are not afraid, for example, cat phobia, phobia of heights

To confirm your condition, you should consult with a psychiatrist to be examined immediately. The doctor will further explore the course of your disease and will do your psychiatric examination to determine the exact condition of your complaint. And after that the doctor will provide treatment both counseling and medicine for you according to the underlying condition.

Things you can do to improve your symptoms and prevent their worsening are:

In the case of frequent check-ups, keep in mind that you have already done it and don't need to worry. If necessary you need to make a note / checklist that you have done this. Or you can also take a photo while you're at it so that when you get anxious you can look at the note or photo so you don't have to double-check.
Tell about things you've experienced to trusted family or close friends and ask them to help control your symptoms and remind you not to do things again when they reappear
Take up a hobby that you enjoy doing. Doing physical activity that you like can increase the endorphine hormone and reduce anxiety
Relax with deep breathing techniques for 5 seconds while inhaling or exhaling. Do it over and over again
Do meditation and yoga exercises to help calm your mind
Get enough rest, sleep 7-8 hours a day
Limit consumption of cigarettes, caffeine and alcoholic beverages
Do not consume illegal drugs

That is the explanation from me. Hopefully helpful and useful. Get well soon :)


dr. Princess Claudya

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