The Black Line On A Child’s Finger Is Skin Cancer?

Illustration of The Black Line On A Child’s Finger Is Skin Cancer?
Illustration: The Black Line On A Child’s Finger Is Skin Cancer?

Morning mom, Doctor, I want to ask if the straight black line on the ring finger of my son’s left hand is a symptom of skin cancer or not?

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Hello Grace,

Thank you for asking

It is true, blood clots caused by injuries around the fingers, generally will cause dark areas or bruises on the skin that will heal by itself in less than 3 months. However, the black line on the finger that your child is experiencing does not always indicate a malignancy (skin cancer). It could also, this black line actually occurs due to other reasons, for example:

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
Certain skin color variations
Nevus (moles), and so on

Unfortunately, you do not explain exactly what the black line that appears on your child's finger is, what size, flat or arises, whether the size increases or not, whether it feels itchy or painful, and so on. Therefore, we are not authorized to confirm a definitive diagnosis of the condition.

We recommend that, if you are worried, consult your child directly to the doctor, dermatologist, or pediatrician to handle it properly. To be clear about the cause of the line, the doctor can direct your child to undergo further tests, for example a biopsy, if needed.

For now, you should focus on maintaining your child's personal hygiene, including regularly bathing and giving him clean clothes. Avoid children from over-manipulating the garus that appears so that secondary infections do not occur which are more difficult to cure. Do not forget, wear on your child sunscreen before he is active in the hot sun.

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