The Blood Vessels On The Forehead Are Clearly Visible?

Afternoon, I want to ask why are the veins on the forehead of the head left and right visible? Is it dangerous? Or is there a cure? Mksh

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Hi Tejak,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clear, what kind of veins do you mean? Do reddish spots look like blood vessels? Or do you see a sinuous bulge? Or like what? Are there any other complaints besides the appearance of these veins?

Human blood vessels are divided into 2, namely arteries and veins. The arteries contain oxygen-rich blood that comes from the heart to be distributed throughout the body. Meanwhile, veins contain oxygen-poor blood that comes from all over the body to be returned to the heart. Based on their location, the veins are located more superficial than the arterial vessels. Because of this, often the veins can appear more clearly on the surface of the skin. This condition is often termed vein by the general public.

Blood vessels that are more visible on the surface of the skin do not necessarily indicate an abnormality. This condition can be normal in people with light and thin skin. It could also make blood vessels more visible when you are in a hot environment or use certain skin care products that contain irritants.

If you have no other complaints, chances are that your condition is nothing to worry about. However, to be sure, there is nothing wrong with seeing your doctor directly. By examining a doctor directly, one can also distinguish the possibility of a dangerous disease, for example related to venous artery malformations, varicose veins, osler-weber-rendu disease, rosacea, and so on.

In the meantime, you should always take care of the health of your skin, starting from bathing regularly, choosing the right skin care product for your skin type, avoiding excessive sun exposure, using sunscreen when doing outdoor activities, and eating more vegetables. and fruit to nourish the skin from within. Do not forget, avoid too often pressing or rubbing the visible veins before determining the cause to the doctor.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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